Aid Stations

Our aid stations are manned by the best volunteers in the ultra running world. They will be well stocked with the usual Ultra fare: PB&J, bananas, oranges, gummy bears, trail mix, chips, GU products and water. There will also be a porta-potty at each aid station, along with basic first aid supplies. We will NOT have painkillers at the aid stations, so you are responsible for bringing any such aid as needed. You are also responsible for knowing what you need. If the aid stations are too far apart, it is up to you to bring your own aid as well.

There are 5 aid stations on the course for the 50k and 2 for the 25K.

Aid Station Mileage:


  • Mile 7.6- The Dam Aid Station
  • Mile 12.8- Tanner Creek
  • Mile 17.1- Sain Creek (start/ finish)
  • Mile 21.7 -The Dam Aid Station
  • Mile 26.8- Tanner Creek


  • Mile 6.1- The Dam Aid Station
  • Mile 11.2- Tanner Creek

*If you are injured on the course, you can drop out at an aid station and a volunteer will drive you to the finish. We ask all participants to notify aid station volunteers of injured runners that they pass so we can pick up the injured runner in-between aid stations and get them aid earlier if needed, or if they can not make it to the aid station on their own.

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